42 volunteers in 7 locations

Help to buy protective gear for Ukrainian Fighters

We’re a group of Ukrainian volunteers who buys gear in the USA and send it directly to our fighters. Help protect our warriors!


Why donate through us?

People who fight on the front rarely get help from the bigger organizations like Red Cross or UNICEF. Despite the fact that this is the most critical part of the war.

We have a chain of volunteers across the world who work day and night risking their lives gathering donations, buying supplies, and delivering them directly to our fighters in Ukraine.

We post regular updates with videos and photos on social media. Donating to us, you can rest assured that your help is getting right to the hands and protects Ukrainian warriors.


Who we are?

We’re regular people with families and friends living in Ukraine right now. We’re volunteers who spend their own time and money to help Ukraine fight for its freedom. We partner with Navigator UA Nonprofit to collect funds and buy gear from US stores directly. You can be one of us by making a donation of any size or helping with logistics. There’s no small help in this war.

Volunteers collective photo

How we act?

We get requests directly from our fighters in Ukraine.
We gather donation from anyone willing to donate then order protective and medical gear online anywhere it’s in stock. 
We pack everything assigning proper labels for different recipients and send it with one of our volunteers across the globe to Poland. 
Other volunteers pick up the packages and get it thought the border to Ukraine and into the heands of our fighters.

Our Partners

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Thanks to you!

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